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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Posted by Jake
Clark Makes First N.H. Stop, Draws Criticism (

Clark, campaigning in New Hampshire, offered no apologies. After leaving the military and reflecting on the direction of the country and his own values and political views, Clark told reporters, he had one of two choices. 'I was either going to be a very lonely Republican or I was going to be a very happy Democrat, and I am a Democrat and I'm proud to be one. I'm a new Democrat and you know what? I'm going to bring a lot of other new Democrats into this party.'

Trust me, Wes, in this election you don't want to be telling the left of "your" party that you are going to be bringing in people from the center or the right.

If Clark is seen by the Democratic loyalists as in any associated with the Republicans, he is done.

Brian -- What about the fact that the only reason he's a Dem is because Karl Rove wouldn't respond to his phone calls after 9/11?

Jake -- Not that I don't agree with you that Clark's Democrat affiliation is one of political expediency rather than ideological agreement, but the Weekly Standard checked and found out that the supposed phone call never happened.

When will Wesley Clark stop telling tall tales? In the current issue of Newsweek, Howard Fineman reports Clark told Colorado Gov. Bill Owens and University of Denver president Mark Holtzman that "I would have been a Republican if Karl Rove had returned my phone calls."

Unfortunately for Clark, the White House has logged every incoming phone call since the beginning of the Bush administration in January 2001. At the request of THE DAILY STANDARD, White House staffers went through the logs to check whether Clark had ever called White House political adviser Karl Rove. The general hadn't. What's more, Rove says he doesn't remember ever talking to Clark, either.


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