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Monday, September 15, 2003

Posted by Jake - Appeals court blocks California recall - Sep. 15, 2003

"The choice between holding a hurried, constitutionally infirm election and one held a short time later that assures voters that the 'rudimentary requirements of equal treatment and fundamental fairness are satisfied' is clear."

Furthermore, this is not a hurried constitutionally infirm election. It is following a time schedule that is clearly set out under California law. Saying that error rates in voting machines nullifies election is tantamount to nullifying every election in this nations history. No system is perfect, but I don't see the ACLU getting worked up about all the other elections when a Democrat is winning.

These are the same people who are complaining that Republicans are hijacking the electoral process. Who brought this lawsuit?

James-- Frankly, I think the notion that punch-card ballots cause a civil-rights problem is belittling to minority groups. That argument begins with the assumption that punch-cards are harder to use for minorities than for white voters. Otherwise, how could they cause disenfranchisement for ethnic groups?

Jake -- The other thing that is really offensive about this is that they assume that most of the people in minorities will vote for the Democrats. If I were in one of those counties I would be a little pissed that they assumed they had my vote before I even gave it.


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