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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Posted by Jake
France and Germany Oppose U.S. Plan for U.N. Role in Iraq

'We are ready to examine the proposals, but they seem quite far from what appears to us the primary objective, namely the transfer of political responsibility to an Iraqi government as soon as possible,' Mr. Chirac said in a joint news conference.

If your primary goal were the transfer of power to the Iraqis, you would have supported the war in the first place.


Mr. Powell expressed puzzlement over the French and German demand that political responsibility be turned over to the Iraqis more quickly.

"I don't see from their statements that they said what exactly they are looking for or who they would turn it over to if we were turning it over right away," Mr. Powell said, referring to political authority in Iraq.

A comment with which I entirely agree.


So much the better for us. The longer this stays out of the UN, the better the chance it will succeed.


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