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Monday, September 15, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl
Give Poor Students a Choice ( "For all my misgivings about some of the voucher advocates, there is something that troubles me about the anti-voucher crowd as well. Much of the opposition comes from middle-class folk whose own children attended (or had the option of attending) nonpublic schools. And the question that won't go away is: If choice is good for middle-class children, why is it bad for poor children who, without some sort of subsidy, may find themselves stuck in underperforming schools?"

Vouching for Children (

Two articles on the recently passed school-choice program for DC schools. I think the William Raspberry article is a bit better than the George Will article, especially because Raspberry rarely sides with conservatives. Even here, he (justifiably) dislikes the tactics used, but seems to approve of the result.

For my part, I say that we should call these "Federal Scholarship Programs", considering that these use new money, how are they different from a scholarship?


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