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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Posted by Jake
The Greatest Show on Earth

The Weekly Standard has a good wrap up of last night's debate for the California Recall.

If debates are about clear and concise answers, then the conservative state senator was the night's winner. McClintock was detailed--although a tad Pollyannaish--when describing how he'd cut state spending ($9 billion by getting "the best service at lowest price," $6 billion by reorganizing bureaucracy, $2.5 billion by reforming workers' comp). And he showed a command of state policy--at one point, correcting Arnold for confusing California's "Three Strikes" law with a different law.

Yeah, if debates were about clear and concise answers. Sadly debates, particularly this one, are about being glib.

Arianna was a write-off candidate anyway, though her hostility may help the sales of her next book.

The big question is if Arnold responded too strongly to her jibes. You should be aggressive, but he may have gone a bit far. We'll see...


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