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Friday, September 19, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl
Judicial Payback ( "This did not sit well even with some of Bush's staunchly conservative supporters. Michael W. McConnell -- then a law professor, who was later made a circuit court judge by Bush -- said the decision to halt the recount was 'one for the state to make.' Writing in the Wall Street Journal Dec. 14, 2000, McConnell criticized the Supreme's Court's twofer -- 'approving a manual recount under proper standards, but forbidding the state to conduct a recount because of time constraints.' Doing so, he wrote, meant that Bush would take office 'under conditions of continued uncertainty.' "

That uncertianty is gone. Even the media recounts (undoubtedly performed by those rabid right-wing conspirators at organizations like the Miami Herald) said that Bush would have won the recounts.


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