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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Posted by Jake
Mortman: Those crazy Democrats

Mortman has a summary of crazy talk, crazies, and craziness amongst the Democratic primaries. Now Clark is in too. Just one more emerging from the clown car if you ask me.

The St. Petersburg Times reported that Graham joked in Iowa “that he might seem a tad unstable to voters after 390 ‘workdays.’” Some joke. Sounds more like a cry for help. Just like when Graham said — and he honestly said this — “You know what my grandchildren call me? ‘Doodle.’ And when I’m really good, I’m ‘Super Doodle.’” Graham’s grandchildren call him “Doodle?” Presumably, when they grow up, they can shorten it to “Dude.”


Whether Graham has gone crackers is a hot debate in the political press. Say this much about the Florida senator — he’s able to bridge the ideological gap between the liberal New Republic and the conservative National Review (not such a crazy strategy, actually). In a June 11 article titled “Crazy Bob,” the New Republic emptied its thesaurus with these descriptors of Graham: “nutty,” “wacky,” “bizarre.” The story included this bit of advice: “Someone needs to take Graham aside and gently explain that Americans like their politicians colorful, not crazy.”


He should have also sent that note to a Trekkie convention. A Howard Dean enthusiast active on his behalf through told the Associated Press: “We’re not crazy Klingon-talking freaks. But we are crazy for Dean.”


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