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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Posted by Jake
Number of Wounded in Action on Rise (

As opposed to falling? This is a number that can go up or stay the same.

Furthermore, the Washington Post needs to learn how to do math. First, division:

From March 19th to April 30th = 43 days and 550 casualties

550/43 = 12.8 per day

From May 1st to July 31st = 92 days and 574 casualties

574/92 = 6.2 per day

During August = 31 days and 297 casualties

297/31 = 9.6 per day

Last week = 7 days and 55 casualties

55/7 = 7.9 per day

Things to note:
1. The rate has clearly risen since August. This is something to be concerned about, but don't cook the numbers to suggest that it is at the same rate as during the war.
2. Yeah, there are more casualties than the First Gulf War, but this one is lasting a hell of a lot longer and after the first we didn't have a country to look after.


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