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Friday, September 26, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl
Report: Cheney still has financial interest in Halliburton - Sep. 25, 2003: "The money is insured in case the company goes under and Lautenberg acknowledged that the compensation received so far has been donated to charity. "

I'm so glad my tax dollars are spent figuring out whether deferred compensation, which is insured so that the Vice President receives it whether Halliburton makes a profit or not, should be considered unethical. Especially since, according to Lautenberg Cheney and Bush are exempt from ethics laws. If there's no potential for laws to have been broken, why are there hearings? Even if you could conceive that Cheney lied, lying in front of a grand-jury or a judge is perjury, lying to Tim Russert is just dumb.


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