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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl
U.S. team finds no smallpox in Iraq:

This report is fairly damning for both the Bush administration and for the intelligence community.


When Team Pox searched key locations in Iraq, such as the defunct Darwah foot-and-mouth disease center, they found the facility in the same condition U.N. inspectors left it in seven years ago.

What makes us think that they'd use facilities that we know about? Once the inspectors destroyed this place in '97, why would Saddam use it again?

On Sunday, Cheney said two trailers discovered in Iraq could have been used to make smallpox. The vice president referred to the trailers as “mobile biological facilities” — a characterization that has been disputed by intelligence analysts within two U.S. government agencies that believe the trailers were used to fill weather balloons.

Weather balloons? Doesn't that strain credibility just a bit? Is this Roswell? And if they were filling weather balloons, why did they scrub the things down with antiseptic before we captured them?

I'm still taking a wait and see approach on the WMD. I just hope they didn't skip the border into Syria and elsewhere.


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