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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Posted by Gina
Yale Law School Email

"Dear Classmates,

Starting next week, JAG (Judge Advocate General) recruiters from several divisions of the armed forces will be present for a second consecutive year at the law school's Fall Interview Program -- despite the fact that JAG violates YLS's non-discrimination policy by refusing to hire openly gay or lesbian people. The Department of Defense has threatened to withdraw all of Yale University's federal funding (about $350 million annually) to compel the law school to allow the recruiters to participate in the program. The Student/Faculty Alliance for Military Equality (SAME) asks 2L's and 3L's to help uphold YLS's non-discrimination policy by not interviewing with these employers at FIP. Although 1L's do not participate in FIP, you can support SAME's effort in the following ways:

1. WEAR A PIN. SAME will distribute pins starting Monday the 29th at the Holiday Inn and at the law school. Wear them at the law school to show support for your LGBT classmates.

2. ATTEND THE PROTEST. SAME will be holding a rally to protest the violation of Yale's non-discrimination policy. Attend to show your support for the policy (more information about this will be provided in the near future)."

Brian -- They do this every year. It's even more entertaining when they start complaining about how the Yale Law School gives tenure to only white men, despite the fact that, if you look at the statistics of people who apply for jobs there, the faculty is in almost a direct proportion both racially and sexually. Gina, if you thought Stanford was liberal, welcome to Yale.


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