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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Posted by Jake
Bush a big man on campuses, says Harvard survey - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics

Sixty-six percent said they trust the president as much today as they did a year ago, while 88 percent of the students described themselves as patriotic.


The poll also gave Mr. Bush the lead in a matchup: 39 percent of the respondents said he had their vote; 34 percent favored a "Democratic candidate"; 9 percent would vote for an independent and 18 percent were undecided.

This story is sufficeth to say being spun in a variety of ways. The one I buy: don't write-off the young vote. Voter turnout is going to be huge in the next and election, and the Dems can't rest on their laurels, assuming that students are always going to be hippie activists.

Welcome back to the revolution.


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