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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Posted by Jake
California recall ripples into 2004

“Impeachment. Florida and the 2000 Election. Redistricting in Texas. The California Recall. The pattern could not be clearer: When they don’t win elections fair and square, the Republican leadership goes to extreme lengths to overturn the democratic will of voters,” said Zack Exley,’s organizing director.
Dean used similar rhetoric. “The right wing of the Republican party is deliberately undermining the democratic underpinnings of this country,” he said as he campaigned with Davis last month in Los Angeles. “They do not accept the legitimacy of our elections.”

Summary of 2002 Vote Results in the General Election for CA

This is a summary from the CA Secretary of State's Office. It has a statistic that I find interesting.

In 2002, Gray Davis received 3,533,490 votes (47.30%) to be re-elected governor of California. Last night, by the statistics on CNN, Arnold received 3,564,635 votes (48%).

Granted it did turn out that projections of high voter turnout were unfounded.

But with 7.6 million voters casting ballots, turnout ended up being 49 percent of registered voters which was less than in last year’s election in which Davis beat Republican Bill Simon. (MSNBC above)

However, I wouldn't underestimate the fact that this is pretty high turnout for a recall. This was not a scheduled elections. 7.6 million people made a special point of voting, and it still means quite a bit even if it isn't 70 percent turnout.

Taking that into account, I would like to silence those who would call this hijacked democracy. This is not hijacked democracy. More people voted for Schwarzenegger than voted to put Davis in office in 2002. Californians have shown up in droves to express their desire for change in Sacramento. This is not a conservative conspiracy to steal power in California. The Democrats broke the state, and now the people have picked someone else to fix it. If you don't like that, you shouldn't be blaming the Republicans, you should be talking to the people who just threw you out on your asses.

If such a thing as a mandate exist, then this would surely be it.


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