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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl - Tech heavy hitter likes Schwarzenegger - Oct. 14, 2003: "On the political front, Ellison applauded the decision to replace California Gov. Gray Davis with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
''Commando' is one of my favorite movies,' Ellison said. 'I think [Schwarzenegger] is a very smart guy and his [proposed] policies are a substantial improvement over the former governor.'
Oracle became entwined in a political tempest last year after an audit concluded a $95 million software contract sold to the Davis administration would cost the state $41 million more than if it had stuck with its old software. California signed the contract five days before Oracle submitted a $25,000 campaign contribution to Davis. "

These are the last three paragraphs of this article. The rest of the piece is about Oracle and its "appetite" for acquisitions. So why is the headline about Schwarzenegger?


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