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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl :: Daniel W. Drezner :: Is it about the schools?:

"As fate would have it, John Sviokla and Marvin Zonis have a Chicago Tribune op-ed today that says we should be in Iraq to reopen schools. The highlights:
While security is crucial to meet these challenges, the most effective means for making Iraq a future democratic and market-oriented country that will serve as the exemplar for other Arab states is its education system."

One of the major points that last year's UN report on the Arab world and it's problems was the region's lack of focus on academic education as opposed to religious education:

"The Arab Human Development Report, released today in Cairo, says the oil-rich region has wasted its great potential because of its failure to permit political freedoms, its suppression of women's rights, and its falling education standards."

As the reports Executive Summary States:

"These have their roots in three deficits: freedom, women’s empowerment, and knowledge. Growth alone will neither bridge these gaps nor set the region on the road to sustainable development. The way forward involves tackling human capabil ities and knowledge. It also involves promoting systems of good governance, those that promote, support and sustain human well-being, based on expanding human capabilities, choices, opportunities and freedoms (economic and social as well as political), especially for the currently poorest and most marginalized members of society. The empowerment of women must be fully addressed throughout."


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