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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Posted by Matthew
I'll be ba.... hey! I'm back!!!

Ah... finally... getting settled in... lots of ups and downs, but things are looking up all in all...

Short Version beginning mid August:
Two roommates moved moved out to college back east (that's bad)
Needed cheaper place to live (that's good)
Matthew looking for job (that's bad)
One new roommate joined search bringing total to three (that's good)
Housing market for our needs is sparse (that's bad)
Matthew finds job as video game tester at Electronic Arts (that's good)
Lease ran out, Matthew calls Bursar: "Hey Jon, remember how you said I could crash with you for awhile? How about three weeks?" (that's bad)
Jon says, "Er... okay" (that's good)
Can't run internet to my computer at his house (that's bad)
Assigned to play SSX3 at work (that's good)
Searched high and low for a place to live (that's bad)
Found something decent (that's good)
Then old roommate not sure about future in CA (that's bad)
Matthew says "errr......" and reconsiders options (that's good)
Reichenthal gets sick (that's bad)
Matthew starts looking for 1 bedroom apt on his own, finds place (that's good)
Reichenthal passes away (that's awful)
But he goes out with style, sushi was served, asks parents to give his room to Matthew (that's heartwarming)
Matthew begins doing most of his moving on his own out of storage, after work (that's tiring)
Yesterday, Internet was installed (delerium tremors stop)

Well there you have it... Exhausting month and a half, no?

So a few things on the agenda:
1. Happy Birthday Jake!!! I'll try giving you a call on my lunch hour tommorrow, around 1pm, 4 pm eastern.

2. I've got a new address if any of you all care:

723 Marsh Rd #8
Menlo Park, CA 94025

3. Thank you James for the Colusa shout out... at least they vote properly. Unfortunately, Mom was one of the 50 who voted for Camejo... sigh...

4. I've been listening to talk radio, NPR, etc. out here... boy oh boy are people upset. Fear for their life sort of thing. At one point on my morning drive, the crazy voting trends of the bay area were brought up when a commentator said, "Well I know most of our listeners didn't vote for him." I almost had to pull over I was laughing so hard....

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.


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