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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Posted by Jake
lgf: Krugman Meltdown

LGF tears Krugman a new one for his new piece on Lt. Gen. Boykin.

I don’t have time to fisk the whole thing (it pretty much fisks itself anyway), but one sentence really sticks out:

Why won't the administration mollify Muslims by firing Lt. Gen. William Boykin, whose anti-Islamic remarks have created vast ill will, from his counterterrorism position?

“Mollify?” This sentence makes more sense if you substitute the first synonym for “mollify” listed at Merriam Webster’s dictionary: “appease.” He excuses the noxious hatred of Mahathir Mohamad, while at the same time calling for General Boykin to be fired for creating “vast ill will” ... it’s just sick, and totally ignores the fact that Islamic ill will toward America and Israel existed long before these charges against General Boykin were trumpeted around the world by our feckless, self-hating media.

Good point.

UPDATE: Kevin Drum at CalPundit defends Krugman and asks for Lushkin at NRO's resignation for pointing out Krugman's self-evident double standard.

I got news for you Drum. You can poke holes in the weakest argument Lushkin made (I will leave you to decide whether you believe him), but Krugman will just provide the world with thirty more examples in his next column. Endemic racism in the Muslim world gets a pass, but a general makes a comment and the PC police storm the building.


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