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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Posted by Jake
PrestoPundit on Peter Jennings Interview with Schwarzenegger

Peter Jennings interviews Schwarzenegger -- transcript. Jennings is still pushing the truth of ABC's erroneous "Schwarzenegger is a Hitler lover" storyline, even after it is debunked, and even after Schwarzenegger directly denies it. Here is Jennings: "It is, after all, your past. It isn't made up, is it?"

And then when Schwarzenegger says that none of the women raising charges ever called him on it is in the past, Jennings sees a chance to suggest that Schwarzenegger is "blaming the victim", throwing out this stinkbomb: "Are you blaming the women?"

This is a rather pathetic form of "gotcha" journalism. The press does suck, and the suck starts at the top with the NY Times and the major networks, and it only picks up steam as you go downhill to papers like the LA Times.

We knew this before, but that last bit is a money quote.


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