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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Posted by Jake

On the one hand we have this and right next to it we have this.

The first is good news shining through even the NYTimes's lens (despite the requisite dwelling on fears and attacks):

No incidents were reported in Baghdad on Saturday. Still, everyone interviewed complained that they felt unsafe at times, though "things are getting better in a visible way, day by day," said Ali al-Sharif, a restaurant manager.

Behind him in the Alsaah Restaurant, six college girls sat at a table eating lunch — sandwiches and kebab. They said this was the first time they had been out together since the war.

"Life is getting back to normal; we are adapting to the situation, but we are still afraid of bombs," said Rana al-Bidhani, 22, a linguistics student. "It's good to go out again."

The second is these yoyos:

"Don't give Bush 87 billion dollars — don't give him 87 cents," implored the Rev. Al Sharpton, a Democratic candidate for president, referring to the administration's spending plan for military aid and reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan. "Give our troops a ride home."

The demonstration borrowed heavily from the imagery of 1960's peace protests over Vietnam, as young people in tie-dyed shirts and bandanas waved placards bearing peace signs and exhorted the White House to "make love, not war."

Here is my favorite:

It's just cool when people come together like this," he said of the antiwar demonstration. "It shows the rest of the world that we're thinking about this stuff and not just going along with it."

So apparently for one to understand what is happeninng in the world one need not necessarily read the news. You just have to "not just go along with it". Nice. It fascinates me how much these protests have to do with these people feeling cool and how little they have to do with the administration's Iraq policy.

InstaPundit linked to these pictures from the protest. This observation from Lileks clearly applies:

If Clinton had risen to the occasion, wiped out al-Qaeda, sent Marines to kick down the statues and put bullets in those filthy sons’ brainpans, this would be the most noble effort of our time. We would hear clear echoes of JFK’s call to bear any burden. FDR, Truman, Marshall Plan, forbearance, patience - the editorial pages of the land would absolutely brim with encouragement and optimism every damn day, because the good fight was being waged, and the right people were waging it. (via the protest post)


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