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Monday, October 27, 2003

Posted by Jake
Suicide Attacks Kill Dozens in Baghdad (

The attack stunned employees of the Red Cross, a non-political humanitarian organization that has generally been immune from attacks in other hostile areas. 'We're shocked,' said Nada Doumani, a Red Cross spokeswoman here.

'We were always confident that people knew us and that our work here would protect us,' she said. 'This is completely un-understandable.'

This is very unfortunate, but it is not un-understandable. These people are not fighting the Bush administrations illegal occupation of Iraq, leaving those Westerners who are opposed to it untouched. They are fighting the West as whole, and the Red Cross is thrown in with it.

I can understand this woman's frustration. She is there to help. I hope that this doesn't contribute to the already problematic exodus of aid workers.

Brian --There's another factor that I'm surprised no one has brought up. The Red CROSS is a christian-based organization. It's largely secular at this point, but those were its beginnings. There is a related organization in the muslim world known as the Red Crescent, which does the same sort of work from a muslim standpoint. Should this really be all that surprising?


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