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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Posted by Jake - Daily Dish

Andrew Sullivan has this excerpt from Blair's speech to the Labour Party Conference:

Imagine you are PM. And you receive this intelligence. And not just about Iraq. But about the whole murky trade in WMD. And one thing we know. Not from intelligence. But from historical fact. That Saddam's regime has not just developed but used such weapons gassing thousands of his own people. And has lied about it consistently, concealing it for years even under the noses of the UN Inspectors. And I see the terrorism and the trade in WMD growing. And I look at Saddam's country and I see its people in torment ground underfoot by his and his sons' brutality and wickedness. So what do I do? Say "I've got the intelligence but I've a hunch its wrong?" Leave Saddam in place but now with the world's democracies humiliated and him emboldened? You see, I believe the security threat of the 21st century is not countries waging conventional war. I believe that in today's interdependent world the threat is chaos. It is fanaticism defeating reason. Suppose the terrorists repeated September 11th or worse. Suppose they got hold of a chemical or biological or nuclear dirty bomb; and if they could, they would. What then? (via Andrew Sullivan)

I am sort of with Sullivan on this. David Kay's report on WMD is looking like is going to show that we found a lot less than we thought was there. This is no doubt going to send the war's critics into a tail spin harping about the war's illegitimacy. Bush should address this issue directly. We may not have found the WMD. The WMD may not have been there when the war started (no sane person at this point could suggest that they were never there). But this does not make the decision that the President made wrong.

The President needs to make a clear statement that he acted correctly to address concerns about Iraq's WMD -- and that he would make the same decision again.


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