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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Posted by Jake - Daily Dish:

"THE CONSERVATIVE CLOSET: 'With respect to your comment, 'imagine being a right-of-center student at his school': well, imagine working there, or at any other academic institution in the Bay area. I teach at Stanford, which is supposed to be more conservative - when I accepted a position here I was razzed by my liberal friends for my new proximity to that vortex of neocon evil, the Hoover Institution - but here, as everywhere else in the Bay (and academia in general), there is a hegemony of leftist ideology that permits no dissent.

I keep my opinions to myself (I do have an instinct for self-preservation) and can 'pass for liberal,' which means that I get to hear how academics really feel about the role they think conservative ideas ought to play in public discourse (none). Their public line is that they are committed to untrammeled free expression and don't know what all this fuss about 'political correctness' is about -- it's all a plot of Fox News to delegitimize public dissent. Their private stance is that, since the Bush administration is 'evil' (I have heard this exact characterization many times) it doesn't matter how one treats the enemy and his ideas; it's a battle of good against evil, after all. It is taken for granted that any sign of conservative politics will ruin a professor's career. If you get an interview, you will not get hired; if you are hired, you will not get tenure. My colleagues will casually allude to this fact, but it does not trouble them unduly. After all, no-one they know is a conservative.'"

Andrew Sullivan has this letter from a Stanford Prof. I wonder who it is. Stanford really is PCU. I like Sullivan's allusion though. Conservativism in some places has become the new closet. I was having a conversation with someone the other because I was mad they outed me. I actually used the word "outed." I had to spend the better part of two hours convincing the newly aware person that I was not a fascist thug. If people here didn't know already I would have a party.


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