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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Posted by Jake
Yes, He Warned Us

Sullivan debunks the circulating myth that the President played down the difficulty we would have in post-war Iraq:

Our victory in Iraq is certain, but it is not complete. Centralized power of the dictator has ended -- yet, in parts of Iraq, desperate and dangerous elements remain. Forces of our coalition will engage these enemies until they surrender or until they're destroyed. We have waged this war with determination and with clarity of purpose. And we will see it through until the job is done. As we press on to liberate every corner of Iraq, we are beginning the difficult work of helping Iraqis to build a free and stable country. -- Bush, April 15th

If you are going to misrepresent what the President said, at least read it or listen to it so you can come up with something halfway believable. This is the same as that imminent threat crap. He said it wasn't you yoyos. Read the speech.


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