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Monday, October 06, 2003

Posted by Jake
"Yes" on Recall, "No" on the L.A. Times

What is different about the paper's naked and increasingly wild coverage of anti-Arnold charges is the reaction among even long-suffering Times watchers. A thousand readers actually cancelled subscriptions after Thursday's report on Arnold (that's the number released by the Times; who knows what the real total is). The outrage and anger of readers can be heard on any talk-radio station. So loud is the din that the Times was obliged to cover it.

Not only will the LA Times piece not be able to stop the recall, but it will add to the frustration with Gray Davis and his administration. Californians are frustrated with the way the state is being run, and that includes puppet news outlets like the LA Times.

Heads up for the LA Times. You have hitched your wagon to a falling star. Time to let go.


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