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Monday, November 03, 2003

Posted by Jake
CalPundit on John Bolton

The gist of the story — unsurprisingly — is that Bolton has been routinely exaggerating the WMD threat from Cuba, Syria, and Libya. Bolton denies it, of course, but you really have to wonder about these guys. Just how often do they think they can cry wolf before there isn't anyone left on the planet who believes them? And then what happens when there really is a threat?

The answer, as we all know, is that the wolf eats all the sheep. I'd prefer not to be a dead sheep, and that's why I want guys like Bolton out of office.

I'd prefer not to be a dead sheep too (or any sheep for that matter), but then I guess that's the difference between us. You say he is crying wolf. I say that is rightly acknowledging that there are people out there that would see us both dead. For that reason I am happy that people like Bolton are in power.


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