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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl
CBS Cancels ’The Reagans’:

"His supporters credit him with forcing down the Iron Curtain, so it is odd that some of them have helped create the Soviet-style chill embedded in the idea that we, as a nation, will not allow critical portrayals of one of our own recent leaders.

To whom do the editors of the NYTimes give credit? And how is a group of private citizens demand that a private organization not broadcast something at all similar to a "Soviet-style chill".

CBS denies that it bowed to pressure yesterday when it decided to pull the program, but it had been besieged by talk-radio listeners and the Republican National Committee. The Republicans wanted a disclaimer on the screen every 10 minutes warning that the program contained fictional material. A conservative watchdog group urged advertisers to review the script before running commercials."

This is what I call the "Dixie Chick Myth". Somehow, private citizens exercising their right to NOT watch something and encouraging others to exercise the same option constitutes a breach of a First Amendment protection. Sorry guys, it doesn't work that way, I have no obligation to watch something just because you want to put it out there. No one's telling you that you have to be popular, but don't come crying to me that you can't make any money by spouting beliefs that other people dislike.


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