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Thursday, November 27, 2003

Posted by Jake
The Command Post - Iraq - Attacks on Iraqis Increase, on Coalition halved

General Abizaid (via Command Post):

"These offensive actions in the past two weeks have actually driven down attacks on coalition forces... I would say the attacks are down by about half," he said. "But unfortunately we have found that attacks against Iraqis have increased."

The Baathists, jihadists, and members of al Qaeda has shown their willingness in recent weeks to attack fellow Muslims that they see as collaborators. While, I find the attacks on the Iraqis just as tragic as the attacks on American service people, I don't this strategy is going to work in the long run. The effect, rather than solidifying their support, will be the opposite: making the Muslims realize that the terrorists not only fight the West, but all Muslims who desire freedoms like the West.

Check out this analysis from Turkey (via Andrew Sullivan):

Isn't this the fear of the people in Israel — when they go to a bazaar or a shopping center — that they worry whether they will see the end of the day alive?

Isn't it one of the reasons why Jews in Israel have developed the custom of never leaving the home with a bad word to one another? They leave their home always with a kiss and a smile on their face — thinking it might be their last memory of their loved ones.

I got news for the terrorists. When you make your fellow Muslims feel affiliation with the Israelis, then you are losing. Let's hope this plays out like I think it will -- with emerging support in Iraq and new reformers in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Syria.


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