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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Posted by Jake
Instapundit on the Energy Bill

What a piece of work is man?

I like the quote from John McCain via Sullivan:

"I'm not saying that this bill won't generate some energy. It will certainly fuel the coffers of big oil and gas corporations. It will propel the wealthy special interests. And it will boost the deficit into the stratosphere. Indeed, this legislation can be fairly called the Leave no Lobbyist Behind Act of 2003.

One of my favorite green bond proposals is a $150 million riverfront area in Shreveport, Louisiana. This river walk has about 50 stores, a movie theater and a bowling alley. One of the new tenants in this Louisiana Riverwalk is a Hooters restaurant. Yes my friends. Here we have an energy bill subsidizing both hooters and polluters."

This may be more bluster than substance, and I am not going to fall into the Democratic line that the tax cuts should have been passed. Yet, we also really need to restrain spending. Bills like this make me question whether the Republican party is really committed to that. Come on Bush, veto a spending bill.

Follow the links in Instapundit for Knowledge Problem's analysis.


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