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Friday, November 14, 2003

Posted by Jake
LILEKS (James) The Bleat

I was tempted to write about George Soros comparing Bush and America to the rise of the Nazis, but I’ve just had it with these people. I’m more interested in those who ride the coattails of their rhetoric. I want someone to ask Dean this question in the Presidential debate: “Governor Dean, one of your wealthiest backers has compared America in 2000s with German in the 1930s. Do you agree with this analogy?” The only acceptable answer to my ears is “No, I don’t.” Period. Any elaboration, any “no, buts,” any “nevertheless there are worrisome trends” will mark Howard Dean as a truly dangerous man, for he will show himself willing to use the most debased and paranoid argument in modern politics to put his butt in the big chair. Extreme? Okay: imagine a big Bush backer who explicitly made ties between Clinton and Stalin; imagine Bush saying “I don’t agree, but I do worry about the Democratic Party’s desire to socialize the economy; they had that in Soviet Russia, and we all now how that led to the gulag.” Inexcusable.

I think I have to go to a Democratic debate now. Not that I would probably be able to get that question through. These things tend to be a bit scripted.


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