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Sunday, November 16, 2003

Posted by Matthew
Media bias of the day.

So lets back track a moment. Last night I was reading this article on O.J. about media labeling of "conservative" vs. "liberal." Really what the article amounted to was how media tended to taint stories with adjectives, etc. Nothing new, but I'm glad somebody is taking a "scientific" look at this.

So with that in mind I picked the first link under politics today on's front page: Miller under fire for 'lynching' comment. This is a classic example of "what's wrong".

The article is a smear campaign against Zell Miller (D - Georgia) for breaking ranks with other Dems on the Janice Rogers Brown appointment. The issue is over an innane comment he made during the Senate all-nighter. Right off the bat, the "conservative" appelation is attributed to him and almost every other paragraph is "turned" against him in some way. The article serves no other purpose but to discredit Miller. What media bias?


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