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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl
1) [Deleted due to graphic nature]
B) Pat Buchanon and Jerry Falwell (sp?) wouldn't approve, but Stephen Green might (you have no idea how hard this is to type... well.. Matt might... DFE => we alll miss Reichenthal) I'm [a bit intoxicated].
III) I was accused of A) Supporting Ms. Clinton and 2) of liking "Howie" Dean.

Do you believe that?

Matt -- James I'm so proud of you... you've come so far...

Jake --
A) I am impressed with this precedent. Before there was drunking calling and emailing. Now there is drunk blogging.
2) I aim to participate on Tuesday when my anatomy final is over. Until then I will leave the comments about Howie Dean to all of you.

Brian--Who are you and what have you done with my brother?


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