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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl
Bush the Bumbler - The real trouble with the president's foreign policy. By Daniel Drezner

Daniel Drezner is not usually this critical of the administration. As you can tell from the comments posted on his blog, this is intellectually courageous because it could alienate everyone. I personally believe that while many of his points are well thought out and very true, he's a bit too critical. Hopefully, it can be used as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Here are my thoughts:

1) Organization matters. The Defense Department is structured to fight wars. The State Department is structured to negotiate treaties and international agreements. Both need to become more moderate. I still believe that the bigger problems are at State however. The goal of the professional diplomats at State has become to get other countries to like us. As a result, America's interests are often surrendered far to easily in the name of international relations. While the Bush administration has recognized this problem and is fixing it at the White House level, I think the professionals at State are very frustrated. They probably see it as a disregard for diplomacy instead of as aligning diplomacy around our interests. As a result, they're not on board.

2) Have you ever played on a team of all-stars? For more than one game, it turns into a disaster. Everyone's trying to shine, everyone wants the ball to themselves. It rarely works. Only good coaching can turn that around. The problem is, the President doesn't have time to baby sit egos. Maybe somebody like Andy Card or someone on his staff needs to start cracking the wip and make it clear to everyone that either they get their organizations aligned around the goal of defending this country or they their new organizations aligned around manufacturing shoe rubber.

I may post more later.


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