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Friday, December 05, 2003

Posted by Jake

In case you don't remember the term SPRs, here is a Tech Central column looking into it in more detail.

Glenn posts an interesting point.

Lost in the debate over whether or not SPRs exist and to what extent they are politically relevant is an important and telling irony: Most South Park Republicans would have no idea there is a debate about them. They spend their lives outside the incestuous circles of punditry. We cannot further our understanding of them by quoting members of the political chattering classes.

Some important observations here for both Republicans and Democrats. And this warning for Republicans:

The GOP's hold on South Park Republicans could quickly fade. Their vote is clearly up for grabs. You never know what might be the straw that breaks SPR backs, between GOP spending hikes, tariffs, anti-smoking legislation, and the specter of "conservative" laws that might compromise privacy and liberty.

Indeed. It's an excellent observation that you can only be the "lesser of two evils" so long as the other party is worse.

With respect to the first issue -- as to whether South Park Republicans exist -- I would respond that they do. First, I would consider myself a member of this group. I left the Democrats because they lost their minds and because I feel the Republicans are actually making the world better. I hate political correctness -- which the Democrats sold out to a long time ago -- and the Republicans made far better arguments for their foriegn and economic policy than the Democrats are making now. I would say that SPRs are primarily a members of my generation. As a consequence of being younger, they are going to be much more difficult to keep track of. Political parties are run by older people trying to shape the will and energy of the young. Eventually, SPRs will enter the mainstream and make statements for themselves, instead of the chattering pundits doing it for them.

The second point is well taken as well. I have some problems with a couple of the Bush administrations policies: free trade, spending, Gitmo, and gay mairrage. However, I also could not concieve of any reason why I will vote for a Democrat in this election, because the Democratic party is behaving far worse. But all of this could change. If the Republicans head right on social policy (abandoning hands off for hands on) or continue to completely ignore spending increases AND the Democrats leave the foggy bottom and become some sort of reasonable opposition, I could concievably jump ship again.

Let's not confuse the subject. I don't see that happening in the near future, but my vote is still very much in play.


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