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Monday, December 08, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl
Energy Bill MTBE Provisions:
"Provides product liability protection for manufacturers of gasoline additive MTBE, which contaminated water supplies in 28 states."

So I was reading an op/ed piece in the YDN that was complaining about this provision of the energy bill, and it got me thinking. While I believe that most of the bill was a huge pork buffet and devoid of real solid policy, this part seems fair. I know CA and CT (and I assume a handful of other states) require MTBE to be added to gasoline. So how can they require someone to make it, and then allow that company to take the fall when it turns out to be poisonous? How about liablity suits against the politicians who voted to require MTBE in the first place?

Matt: FYI, they don't require it in CA anymore. I love it when environmentalists screw eachother.


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