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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Posted by Jake
Iraqi slams U.N. inaction - The Washington Times: World

A member of the Iraqi Governing Council chastises the UN Security Council for their inaction to 35 years of appeasement:

'One year ago, this Security Council was divided between those who wanted to appease Saddam Hussein and those who wanted to hold him accountable,' Mr. Zebari said dispassionately in an address to the 15-member council.
'The U.N. as an organization failed to help rescue the Iraqi people from a murderous tyranny that lasted over 35 years, and today we are unearthing thousands of victims in horrifying testament to that failure. ...
'The U.N. must not fail the Iraqi people again,' Mr. Zebari said in a plea for Secretary-General Kofi Annan to return international staffers to Baghdad for relief work and nation-building assistance.
'We call upon the members of the United Nations to look beyond their differences over the decision to go to war on Iraq and come together to forge an international consensus,' the foreign minister said.

In this regard, we are as much to blame until very recently as Germany and France. We should have ended Saddam a long time ago.

I appreciate, however, how the UN is finally getting some external criticism for its intrasigence in condemning the world's dictators. If we can't convince them that something is wrong, then maybe the people they are supposed to be helping can.

UPDATE: Instapundit covers how the BBC is quashing this story. Way to go BBC. Right on the money once again.


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