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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Posted by Tanstaafl
NPR : Russia May Join U.S. in Rejecting Kyoto Treaty

I heard this piece on NPR last night. What struck me was that A) Ms. Claussen wasn't hyper-supportive of the actual content of the treaty. B) She talked about several important, positive outcomes of the treaty that did not require the US's participation.
C) I'm ALWAYS angered by this notion that BUSH rejected the treaty. Clinton never sent the treaty to Congress for ratification because he knew it would fail. The Senate Voted 95-0 in 1998 to reject any treaty that resembled the Kyoto protocol. Senator Robert Byrd SPONSORED the resolution. He had 64 cosponsors. What changed that all of the sudden, all of these Democrats think that Kyoto will save the planet? I can tell you, Bush was elected. Their votes are not based on principal or policy, they're based SOLELY on partisanship.


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