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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Posted by Jake
OpinionJournal - Extra

Rather than being a realistic assessment of the world around us or a discernible set of political values, these slogans respond to nothing more than petulance. Instead of taking the administration to task for the sincerity of its commitment to exporting democracy or questioning the wisdom of its decision to keep troop levels to a minimum in Iraq, our foreign-policy establishment has busied itself debating the semantics of empire, as if smirking passes for wisdom. It does not. This sets its members apart from their 'revolutionary' counterparts on the Bush team, who, whether critics agree with their ideas or not, manifestly do have ideas. And in the war of ideas begun by Sept. 11, you can't beat something with nothing. Unless, of course, you pretend the day never happened.

This is the horrible part of watching the Democrats fail where they should be the loyal opposition. There are plenty of criticisms that can be made of the manner in which the war and the peace are being conducted. But to ignore the obvious facts is tantamount to madness.

1) The UN has left Iraq and despite the chastising that the Iraq Governing Council just gave the Security council, they do not appear to be coming back. Demands to internationalize the occupation are wishful thinking.

2) This conflict is fact. There can be no ignoring that even though we may choose to treat this enemy with soft power and engagement, he is not likely to treat us with the same courtesy.


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