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Friday, January 30, 2004

Posted by Jake
FEC Curbs 'Endorsement' Ads (

The FEC, responding to an inquiry from the Bush campaign, ruled that such 'endorsement' ads will be considered a financial contribution to Bush by the candidates being endorsed -- and therefore will require reimbursement from Bush's campaign to make them legal. Such ads, which Bush used to great effect during the 2002 midterm elections, would still be legal but would be far more complicated to execute under the ruling, based on the new campaign finance reform law.

In an advisory opinion approved yesterday by a vote of 6 to 0, endorsement ads appearing within 120 days of an election would be considered "coordinated communications" and therefore would be "in-kind contributions" to Bush by the candidates who paid for the ads. Those appearing more than 120 days before an election would be exempt.

The ridiculousness continues.

James-- I'm curious what the "reformers" will do when the NRA buys radio stations and gets around McCain-Feingold through the media exemption. Will they outlaw some media outlets from political activity? At that point won't the Supreme Court HAVE to step in and stop this parade into insanity?

Brian-- But, if Dean or Kerry wins the nomination (which one of them likely will), what incentive does the NRA have to do such things? After all, Dean is a gun-advocate, and Kerry an avid hunter... Will we have to endure this for another 4 years??


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