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Monday, January 19, 2004

Posted by Jake
Political Wire: Kerry Wins Iowa Caucuses

CNN projects Sen. John Kerry will win the Iowa caucuses. Sen. John Edwards finishes second with Howard Dean in third place.

Rep. Dick Gephardt will fly to St. Louis tonight and will drop out of the presidential race tomorrow.

The New York Times says the victory by Kerry "would mark a validation of the thoroughly unconventional campaign tact he took — to come to Iowa to replenish a candidacy that had been languishing in New Hampshire, and use an unexpected victory to power him back to life in his neighboring state."

"The result marked a serious setback for Dr. Dean, who had campaigned intensely across this state for more than a year, and was a clear disappointment to a candidate who just a week ago had been confident of victory here and in New Hamsphire."

Ouch. Who the hell knew that would happen? I would have put Gephardt as the most serious contender with Dean for the nomination. Looks like this election season is going to be more interesting than one would have thought.

Brian -- What do you mean who knew that would happen? We've known at least since my post on Sunday that this was a likely outcome... (see below).
Also, did anyone see Dean's "concession" speech last night? If not click here and scroll down to select the Dean one. He had just been whomped, and he actually thanked the Iowa people for "punching our ticket to New Hampshire." I think he really doesn't understand the he alone is the reason he's lost so much popularity, and if he doesn't change tracks, his side of this campaign will be wildly boring. Also, if you watch the video, make sure you glance down at the crowd--Last night was the FIRST time that the Dean campaign has distributed American flags to its audiences. Maybe if that doesn't work, they'll throw in crucifixes too...


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