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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Posted by Tanstaafl - Rumsfeld: Iraq WMDs may still be found - Feb. 4, 2004:

Or, Rumsfeld postulated, 'small quantities' of chemical or biological agents may have existed, along with a 'surge capability' that would allow Iraq to rapidly build an arsenal of banned weapons. Commenting on that possibility, Rumsfeld said, 'We may eventually find it in the months ahead.'

I always thought that this sounded likely, as it is the most conceable and least costly program. It's similar to the "Just-in-time" inventory techniques used by firms like Walmart and Target. My only question is why Saddam didn't use this surge capacity. Did we really surprise him? In which case, the "Rush To War" looks like it was a good idea. Or maybe our campaign to convince commanders that they would be held individually responsible worked.

The real answer is though, that no one, not even David Kay, knows what was happening in Iraq before the US Armed Forces were on the ground.


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