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Friday, February 06, 2004

Posted by Tanstaafl
Henninger needs a reality check:

Commerce follows culture in a country like the U.S., and finally the culture is pulling large segments of the new economy down to its level. Where's the bottom? The imperative to produce revenue growth is driving the media players ever downward to win mass audiences aged 16-30. Authentic creativity can't compete, as desperate managers dive to the culture's lowest common denominator of what sells--and at this level we know what sells. The dumbing down of America has been followed by the scuzzing down of America. One might hope that the Super Bowl fiasco would cause media marketers to seek other ways to hit revenue targets without driving the culture into a dying swamp, but that's not likely. The pressure to perform fast is the strongest force in play here.

Lighten up Francis. If it bothers you, don't watch. It might solve the problem in two ways.
1) If you don't watch, then it can't "harm" you.
2) If enough people don't watch, then the media outlets will try something different. That's the beauty of a market economy. In the end, the majority of people get what they want.

Honestly though, I'm a bit tired of all of this. Why is anyone surprised that a Jackson (or Timberlake for that matter) did something ridiculous?


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