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Friday, February 20, 2004

Posted by Jake
On the Road Again

UNLIKE THE SENATE, which made only a few modest budget-cut proposals to finance increased spending, Young and Oberstar have proposed a 5 cent inflation-adjusted hike in the gasoline tax, which currently stands at 18.4 cents a gallon--where it has been for more than a decade. This "user fee," in conjunction with the Senate's proposed budget cuts on items such as the ethanol subsidy, would allow the bill to pay for itself without adding a single dollar to the mounting federal budget deficit.


There is still one more vital element to this equation: jobs. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that every additional $1 billion invested by the federal government in transportation creates 47,500 new jobs. One of the Bush administration's greatest weaknesses going into the 2004 presidential election is the staggering number of American jobs lost since 2001. What better counter could the president hope for when they are attacked by Democrats on the job issue than a massive public works program that benefits big business just as much as the average commuter?

Did I miss something? What magazine is this? When the Weekly Standard start advocating tax hikes and federal spending?


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