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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Posted by Tanstaafl

Even if Bush is behind... he hasn't started campaigning yet.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see some people like Karen Hughes or David Frum come back to work on the campaign. Even if they don't I'm SURE Karl Rove is in the process of gathering some pretty cutting edge minds together to hand a big 'ole smack-down to whoever wins the Dem nomination. But... until that's truly sown-up, it would be a waste of money and political capital to start campaigning. I think they learned that lesson after having needlessly and sloppily targeted Howard Dean during the 2004 SOTU.

Brian --This page at OpenSecrets is also telling. Bush has raised over $130 million, and has spent barely a dime. Kerry and Edwards combined have raised just over $42 million. Throw Dean in, and you go up to $83 million. It's going to get fun.

James-- My understanding of current campaign finance law is that Dean's money is largely inconsequential. He can't give more than $3,000 to either Kerry or Edwards and he can't spend it on issue ads within 60 days of an election, which is when it would have the most power. At best, he can save it for a future run.

Brian --Yeah, my only point was that all three of them put together have only raised 2/3 as much as Bush has, and they've already spent most of it, whereas he hasn't even started.


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