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Monday, March 29, 2004

Posted by Jake
Andrew Sullivan

I never believed that either the Clinton or the pre-9/11 Bush administration took al Qaeda seriously enough; the attempts by both administrations to exonerate themselves strike me as strained. The Clinton administration deserves more scrutiny because it was in control for eight years, rather than eight months, but no one can claim with a straight face that the Bushies saw what was coming; or did enough to stop it. All that should be exposed as thoroughly as possible. But what matters now in a political year is how the Bushies responded afterwards; and, to my mind, they did about as good a job as possible.

Also check out this WaPo editorial.

Bush is in the right in his response to 9/11. And I wonder if 9/11 could even have been prevented, because the steps that would have been required would never have been accepted. That being said, I think Bush should have come out and said "We weren't prepared to deal with terrorism. We made mistakes, but look at the quality of our response today. Now compare those to the response the other guy says he will provide." Bush needs to stand on his record, not trash Clarke.


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