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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Posted by Tanstaafl
Keep Cheney?

Among others, I have pondered whether there are stronger potential VP's from whom Bush could choose a new running-mate. That's probably inevitable in an election year. But having skimmed this speech, I am once again firmly behind Vice President Cheney as the number two man in the federal government. Hopefully the speech was as well delivered as it was written, but my feeling is that Cheney is strong enough to be the attack dog, especially while Kerry is still lacking a running-mate. Bush should stay a bit higher above the fray and Cheney can open up with both (rhetorical) barrels (he is a duck-hunter after all).

Another thought occurred to me while I was reading this. I wonder if Bush's cabinet was built with the possibility of war in mind. For his Defense Secretary he chose someone who had held the role before, someone who's learning curve wouldn't be as steep. For his Secretary of State he chose a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, a highly regarded and highly decorated combat veteran. And for his VP he chose a former Secretary of Defense, a man who presided over a war while he was in his previous role. Maybe it was too militaristic of a cabinet when he chose it... but now that we're facing a global struggle against those who mean to kill us on as large a scale as they can muster, I'm glad that these adults and experienced military leaders are in the top positions of our government.


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