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Friday, March 12, 2004

Posted by Tanstaafl
Millions protest terror:

Authorities also said they have found and detonated three more bombs, apparently set on timers to explode later, where rescuers and security forces were on the scene.

It sounds like this could have been even more of a horror than it was.

If anyone doubts that Spain is an ally in the war on terror, they should look at the pictures of millions of people in the streets protesting not Bush policy but the wanton destruction and disregard for life.

Tonight, say a prayer for those who were lost or injured and their families.

While the Spanish have our sympathy, they also have our friendship and our resolve to help rid the world of those who believe that cowardly attacks on innocent men, women, and children as they ride trains, eat meals, or shop for their families are a viable political tool. Fanaticism and evil will not triumph because there are good men and women all over the world who are taking notice and taking action.


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