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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Posted by Tanstaafl
NPR : Blix: Lack of 'Critical Judgment' Led to Iraq War

I heard most of this on my way to work this morning. He admits that it's good that Saddam's gone and that he brutally oppressed his people, but he felt that there wasn't enough of a justification for taking him out under international law and the UN's mandate. That sounds like a problem with international law (what is that anyway?) and the UNs mandate. Especially considering the next story I heard on NPR was about how one of the first national polls conducted has most Iraqis feeling that things are better than a year ago and are only getting better. That is in the face of constant bombing. Of course NPR has made it sort of difficult to link to that article, but you can find it on the website if you look, it's called "Poll: Iraqis Upbeat, But Future Unclear". Considering what the story said, I thinkt that's an overly negative headline... but that's NPR, good news out of Iraq would be bad for their slant... um... I mean... their Editorial Opinions.


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