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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Posted by Tanstaafl
Rice to testify in public, under oath

Don't stand on principal if you're willing to toss aside that principal. I don't really care whether she testifies or not. I don't think that there is much that she can say beyond a "he said, she said" fight with Clarke, and I believe that the real reason that they don't have the Nat Sec Advisor testify (ever) is that it would take too much time. Cabinet level Secretaries spend something like 50% of their time on the Hill. If Condi had to do that, it would cripple her ability to coordinate all of the different National Security departments and agencies. But they never explained it that way. All they say is "It's never been done before, so we stand on our principal" or "It's a matter of Executive Privilege". The problem is that Americans are used to "Executive4 Privilege" being used ever since Nixon to cover-up scandals. It doesn't make a good argument. But they stick to it ANYWAY, pressure mounts, and then she has to back down off of what I thought were pretty emphatic refusals on 60 Minutes to testify, tuck her tail between her legs, and sheepishly stroll up the Hill. Way to go guys, you just lost ANOTHER media battle in the court of public opinion.


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