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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Posted by Tanstaafl
KFOG 104.5/97.7 - World Class Rock: New Releases Thursday

KFOG is my favorite radio station. Luckily they stream to the web, so I can listen to it (when my company's proxy servers don't mistake it for an MP3 site and display scary warnings before shutting down my browswer) even though I live 3000 miles away from the Bay Area.

One of the best features is that on Thursdays KFOG plays an extra dose of new music. I heard John Mayer on KFOG a full year and a half before I heard him played on a station out here (even though he's from Fairfield).

Now, KFOG is doing a steaming webcast of exclusively new music. Moreover (that's for Gina), they go beyond the singles and dig a bit deeper into new albums. I've been listening to it all afternoon and it's pretty good. If any of you can work or study to music, I would highly recommend this. It's pretty mellow and laid back.


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