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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Posted by Tanstaafl
Media Fights for the Enemy

I don't truly believe that, but it got your attention. If anything, any propaganda victories that our media scores for the enemy are merely by-products of how our system operates. People are concerned about our troops dying (rightfully) and so that's what the media reports on. While I believe there is a leftward media bias, I don't think it's insidious. I believe that it's similar to bias in academia. It's self-selection. With a few noted exceptions, conservatives don't tend to join news organizations. Even the fact that yesterday's revelation about Sarin gas is now buried everywhere except the WSJ Opinion page doesn't really get me worked up. I've never been convinced that the WMD were imaginary, I'd just like to see us find some of them.

What really attracted me to this article is its commentary on how we define victory and defeat in war. I think that's a real problem that our country now faces. Post Vietnam, will we ever have the stomach to stay in for the long haul? If every loss, every setback is televised, will our country have the emotional fortitude to shoulder on and fight a prolonged, multi-year war? Or will we be destined only to fight conflicts like Grenada?


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